Keyboard Shortcuts and Faster Zooming

Sodaphonic is always improving, but sometimes the changes aren’t always immediately noticeable, so I thought I’d highlight what’s been made better in recent weeks.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you’re a casual or power user, keyboard shortcuts are a great way of getting things done quicker. Sodaphonic now has support for some basic keyboard commands, most of which you’ll be familiar with — copy and paste with “Cmd/Ctrl + c” and “Cmd/Ctrl + v” for example.

To see a full list of these shortcuts, just type “?” on the editor page.

Faster Zooming

Zooming into a specific point on a waveform is an essential function of an audio editor, and previously this was a bit slow. Now using a new feature I call PredictoZoom™, Sodaphonic can zoom-in and out almost instantly.


Lastly, a much-requested feature — trimming. Trimming is an easy way to keep the audio you want and throw out the rest. Just select the piece you of the waveform you wish to keep then go to Edit→Trim. Easy.


As ever, I’d love your feedback! Please send any suggestions or comments by email or Twitter.